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Aurora, IN

Can We Detect Aurora in Exoplanets Orbiting M dwarfs?  Astrobiology News

New instruments and telescopes, such as SPIRou, CARMENES and TESS, will increase manyfold the number of known planets orbiting M dwarfs. To guide ...

Volkswagen concludes partnership with self-driving start-up Aurora, in talks with Ford  CNBC

Volkswagen has ended its relationship with Amazon-backed self-driving start-up Aurora, CNBC has confirmed. It is now in talks with Ford and Argo AI to partner ...

Damaged Tower Knocks Out Power To Aurora In NE Minnesota  WCCO | CBS Minnesota

AURORA, Minn. (AP) — A damaged switch tower has knocked out power in the city of Aurora in northeastern Minnesota. Minnesota Power says a contractor was ...

Better Buy: Aurora Cannabis vs. Gilead Sciences  The Motley Fool

Between this unlikely pair, which stock is the better pick for long-term investors?

3 immigration detainees — including suspect in rape case — escape Aurora ICE facility by climbing fences  The Denver Post

Authorities continued to search Monday for three men who escaped from an immigration detention facility in Aurora over the weekend by climbing over two ...

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