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MakeItLocal is the trusted consumer resource and area shopping guide for people who live, work or travel to Bellingham, WA. A complete online directory of local merchants and area service providers, MakeItLocal is an easy way for people to find, connect and support small business in their local communities. Featuring a keyword search of business profiles for products and services, MakeItLocal has everything needed for the home, workplace or on the go in Bellingham, WA. Popular search categories include: Automotive, Dining, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Health & Medical, Insurance, Legal, Hotels, Transportation and Real Estate

Bellingham, WA

BelleWood Acres distillery creates small-batch gin, vodka and apple brandy  The Bellingham Herald

BelleWood Acres distillery uses apples grown on the farm north of Bellingham, Washington, to create vodka, gin and their signature apple brandy, which is aged ...

In Bellingham, an alternative for those who want to swap holiday shopping for cheer  The Bellingham Herald

At the eighth annual Abundance Swap in Bellingham, WA, people bring items and then exchange them for other items. Then give them as gifts. The idea is to ...

Bellingham WA Fire Department Family Intubated Dead Man Lawsuit Firefighters

The family of a dead man used for intubation practice by Bellingham paramedics has filed claims seeking over $15.5 million in damages.

Subdue your holiday excitement this year — Bellingham is full of cheapskates, report says  The Bellingham Herald

Bellingham residents will spend less than half the national average per person this holiday season, according to an economic indicator list published by ...

Bellingham man seriously injured after he was hit while crossing the street  The Bellingham Herald

A 62-year-old man was seriously injured Nov. 8 after he was hit crossing the street in the Cordata neighborhood. The man, who was not in a crosswalk, was ...

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