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Elastocapillary self-assembled neurotassels for stable neural activity recordings  Science Advances

Implantable neural probes that are mechanically compliant with brain tissue offer important opportunities for stable neural interfaces in both basic neuroscience ...

High-K dielectric sulfur-selenium alloys  Science Advances

Upcoming advancements in flexible technology require mechanically compliant dielectric materials. Current dielectrics have either high dielectric constant, ...

An axon initial segment is required for temporal precision in action potential encoding by neuronal populations  Science Advances

Central neurons initiate action potentials (APs) in the axon initial segment (AIS), a compartment characterized by a high concentration of voltage-dependent ion ...

Enhanced quantum coherence in exchange coupled spins via singlet-triplet transitions  Science Advances

Manipulation of spin states at the single-atom scale underlies spin-based quantum information processing and spintronic devices. These applications require ...

Integrated photonic platform for quantum information with continuous variables  Science Advances

Integrated quantum photonics provides a scalable platform for the generation, manipulation, and detection of optical quantum states by confining light inside ...

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