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Chico, CA

Lifting a 'death sentence'
Chico News & Review
During his first few months in the field of addiction recovery, Dr. Ross Tye treated an alcoholic who had been exposed in utero and born with the disease. Now in his mid-20s, the man has a criminal record including three DUIs, Tye said, and seemed ...

Power to the people
Chico News & Review
In just over eight months, Bryce Goldstein has become a familiar face in Chico. She's one of 68 CivicSpark fellows placed by AmeriCorps across California; after graduating from Humboldt State, Goldstein came in September to help coordinate the city's ...

Taps for all
Chico News & Review
The idea behind The Chico Taproom, says co-owner Willie Matthews, is that it will offer styles of beer beyond the imperial stouts and IPAs popular with many craft-beer aficionados. “Once you have a place like this, you just want to buy all the beer ...

Farewell, 42
Chico News & Review
On the night of Dec. 3, 2006, Terry Cleveland was settling into bed at his home on the northern outskirts of Chico when his wife came in to report something was amiss. He followed her downstairs, where an unfamiliar sound prompted him to walk outside ...

1078 moves out and Mystic Roots moves up
Chico News & Review
Goodbye, art This is the last week for the 1078 Gallery at its current location. After the Alma Mudder group show closes on Saturday (May 27), the space will go dark and the longstanding community art/music/theater/literature collective will be in ...

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