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Darien, CT

Wow! House: Iconic, Updated Colonial In Darien  Darien, IL Patch

Gorgeous Darien Home For Sale - Darien, CT - This home, listed on, was built in 1917 and is located in the "highly coveted Tokeneke Association in ...

Probe Continues In Darien Porch Pirate Case  Darien, IL Patch

Darien Cops Continue Probe Into 'Porch Pirate' - Darien, CT - The suspect is accused of stealing a package from the front of a home in Darien on Dec. 1.

Youre Not Properly Disposing Of Your Recyclables, Darien  Darien, IL Patch

Too Many Plastic Bags Are In Darien's Recycling - Darien, CT - Staff at the town's Recycling Center are taking note.

Mail Theft Investigated By Darien Police  Darien, IL Patch

Darien PD Probes 2 Cases Of Mail Theft - Darien, CT - Two separate incidents are under investigation.

Darien Launches Pollinator Pathway  Darien, IL Patch

Darien Launches Pollinator Pathway - Darien, CT - The pathway of adjacent properties will provide safe habitats for birds, insects and other creatures.

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