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Pawsitive Solutions

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87 Main St
East Hampton, CT 06424
Phone: (860) 267-5885
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About Pawsitive Solutions

Pawsitive Solutions is an online pet supply, Pawsitive Solutions, grooming, groomed, pet, dog, cat, pets, pet groom, dog groom, cat groom, puppy groom, groomer, grooming services, Furmenator, shedding, shed, excessive shedding, breed, nail trimming, bath, dog bath, scizzor cuts, hand brush, dematting, flea and tick, fleas, ticks, flea bath, dog shampoo, cat bath, alternative to pesticides, insect related skin problems, dirtiest dog, grooming and pet care, animal, animal care, pet lovers, animal lovers, pet grooming needs, certified groomer, trainer, hidden dog fence systems, pet supplies, dog supplies, cat supplies, feet trim, ear clean, ear cleaning, paw, paws, paw trim, clean ears, dog ears, cat ears, Innotek, Espree, Espree animal products, pet baths, natural baths, milk and honey, skin problems, skin parasites, itching, scratching, dry skin, dog allergies, allergies, FURminator, shed-less, shedless, shedless treatment, pet hair, dog hair, deshedding, undercoat, hair, reduce shedding, veternarians, grooming tool, deshedding tool, excess shedding, dog health, dog care, cat care, deshedding shampoo, deshedding solution, loose hair, show dogs, hairballs, pet massage, dog massage, pet grooming treatment, dander, cat dander, detangle, shiny coat, pet safety, grooming techniques, grooming salon, groomer, Pawsitive Solutions grooming salon, pet grooming services, regular grooming, topcoat, protein, vitamins, Furminator deshedding tool, FURminator, FURminator deshedding tool, shedless bath, shedless treatments, hair removal, pet hair, cat hair, dog hair, fur treatment, nail clipping, clipper, pesticides, flea and tick treatments, Frontline, Advantix, Zema, Frontline Plus, puppies, kittens, puppy bath, flea bath, puppy, East Hampton Connecticut, paws, pet dental, dog toys, cat toys, groom, guide to grooming, how to groom, grooming services, find a groomer, groomer listings, grooming salon, dog care, dog show, show dogs, pet products, dog products, cat products, animal products, animal, animal supplies, small animals, dog collar, furballs, dog collars, electric fence, invisible fence systems, invisible fence, underground fence, shock collars, containment, dog containment, pet containment, pet containment systems, indoor pet containment, indoor pet containment systems, zones, collar receiver, remote control receiver, Ultra Smart, Innotek systems, Invisible Technologies, shed, dog breeds, dog brushing, dog brushes, dog groom, dog fleas, dog baths, dog treatments, cat treatments, de-matting, de-tangle, dog fur, cat hair, cat dander, cat allergy, dog allergy, dog allergies, dog brush, cat brush, shampoo, dog shampoo, cat shampoo, dog conditioner, cat conditioner, dog cage, dog fence, pet supplies, grooming supplies, grooming products, grooming tools, shedding tools, shedding brushes, de-shed, regular grooming, grooming appointment, free quote, installation, hidden dog fence installation, electric fence installation, training, dog training, dog trainer, trai

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