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Lowell, IN

Shopko goes bankrupt, to close Lowell store | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines

Shopko is the latest retailer to file for bankruptcy, and it plans to shutter its Lowell store as it looks to restructure.

Lowell handles start-of-year business

LOWELL —The Lowell Town Council made its start-of-the-year business electing officers and making committee appointments.

Two craft breweries close in less than a year in Lowell

Two craft breweries have closed in Lowell in south Lake County in less than a year.

Lowell audit puts schools' CFO in murky light  Gloucester Daily Times

The chief financial officer hired last summer by Gloucester Public Schools came here after resigning while under fire in Lowell, where a scathing audit released ...

Lowell, Mass.: 'The most interesting town in the United States'  Journal Inquirer

LOWELL, Mass. —. If New England leads the nation in any two categories, it's possible they are: graves of famous writers, and former mill towns struggling to ...

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