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MakeItLocal is the trusted consumer resource and area shopping guide for people who live, work or travel to Macon, GA. A complete online directory of local merchants and area service providers, MakeItLocal is an easy way for people to find, connect and support small business in their local communities. Featuring a keyword search of business profiles for products and services, MakeItLocal has everything needed for the home, workplace or on the go in Macon, GA. Popular search categories include: Automotive, Dining, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Health & Medical, Insurance, Legal, Hotels, Transportation and Real Estate

Macon, GA

  1. 'Other people know what happened' in Macon homicide  The Telegraph
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  1. Robber fires shot after getting money from Macon store  The Telegraph
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  1. Homicide suspect in custody less than 12 hours after Macon's latest killing  The Telegraph
  2. Teen shot dead in Macon's 32nd homicide of 2018
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  1. Second teen arrested and charged with murder in Macon's latest homicide  The Telegraph
  2. 2nd Teen Arrested in Shooting Death of Georgia 17-Year-Old  U.S. News & World Report
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  1. Alleged killer gave a full confession, police say  The Telegraph
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