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Enhanced quantum coherence in exchange coupled spins via singlet-triplet transitions  Science Advances

Manipulation of spin states at the single-atom scale underlies spin-based quantum information processing and spintronic devices. These applications require ...

Potential energy–driven spin manipulation via a controllable hydrogen ligand  Science Advances

Spin-bearing molecules can be stabilized on surfaces and in junctions with desirable properties, such as a net spin that can be adjusted by external stimuli.

Microfluidic device for the formation of optically excitable, three-dimensional, compartmentalized motor units  Science Advances

Motor units are the fundamental elements responsible for muscle movement. They are formed by lower motor neurons and their muscle targets, synapsed via ...

Nonlocally sensing the magnetic states of nanoscale antiferromagnets with an atomic spin sensor  Science Advances

The ability to sense the magnetic state of individual magnetic nano-objects is a key capability for powerful applications ranging from readout of ultradense ...

Coexistence of glutamatergic spine synapses and shaft synapses in substantia nigra dopamine neurons

Dopamine neurons of the substantia nigra have long been believed to have multiple aspiny dendrites which receive many glutamatergic synaptic inputs from ...

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