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Northport, NY

Northport Home Bursts Into Flames; Multiple Departments Help  Northport, NY Patch

Northport Home Bursts Into Flames - Northport, NY - The Northport Fire Department and members from five others responded to the house fire. Photos are ...

Northport Goat Grabs Broomstick To Help Sweep Sanctuary: VIDEO  Northport, NY Patch

Watch: Goat Grabs Broomstick, 'Helps' Sweep - Northport, NY - When a volunteer started sweeping at the Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary in Northport, a goat ...

Man Steals Baby Formula Twice From Same Store: Suffolk Police  Northport, NY Patch

Man Steals Baby Formula Twice From Store: SCPD - Northport, NY - The man stole baby formula from a Stop & Shop in May and returned to steal more in June, ...

Northport High School Named School Of Distinction | Northport  Northport, NY Patch

Northport High School Named School Of Distinction - Northport, NY - Northport High School's athletic program was recognized on a state level for excellence in ...

Northport Clarifies Moratorium Policy Amid Twins Memorial Request  Northport, NY Patch

Northport Clarifies Memorial Moratorium - Northport, NY - Lori Kuhn wants to memorialize her identical twin brothers who died last year, but was told a ...

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