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MakeItLocal is the trusted consumer resource and area shopping guide for people who live, work or travel to Seattle, WA. A complete online directory of local merchants and area service providers, MakeItLocal is an easy way for people to find, connect and support small business in their local communities. Featuring a keyword search of business profiles for products and services, MakeItLocal has everything needed for the home, workplace or on the go in Seattle, WA. Popular search categories include: Automotive, Dining, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Health & Medical, Insurance, Legal, Hotels, Transportation and Real Estate

Seattle, WA

WA Seattle WA Zone Forecast  SFGate

WA Seattle WA Zone Forecast for Monday, December 10, 2018. _____. Recommended Video. Created with Sketch. Your Browser Is Not Supported. Speed.

Seattle NHL Team Could Be First With Mascot Made By Native People  Seattle, WA Patch

Will Native People Have Say In New NHL Team Name? - Seattle, WA - The new Seattle NHL team doesn't have a name or logo yet. But ownership has reached ...

Wicked Winter Weather Headed For Puget Sound This Week  Seattle, WA Patch

Wild Winter Weather Headed For Puget Sound - Seattle, WA - The winter forces of snow, rain, and wind will hammer the region this week, according to forecasts.

Police Use Taser On Man Who Assaulted Seattle Ferry Worker  Seattle, WA Patch

Man Tazed At Colman Dock After Assault - Seattle, WA - The incident happened early Monday morning at the Colman Dock in downtown Seattle, according to ...

Orcas Spotted Near Seattle Ferry Dock  Seattle, WA Patch

Orcas Spotted Near Seattle Ferry Dock - Seattle, WA - Washington State Ferries reported the sighting around 10 a.m. Thursday.

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