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Silver City, NM

Scalable electrochromic nanopixels using plasmonics  Science Advances

Plasmonic metasurfaces are a promising route for flat panel display applications due to their full color gamut and high spatial resolution. However, this ...

Nano-bio-computing lipid nanotablet  Science Advances

Using nanoparticles as substrates for computation enables algorithmic and autonomous controls of their unique and beneficial properties. However, scalable ...

Anomalous interfacial stress generation during sodium intercalation/extraction in MoS2 thin-film anodes  Science Advances

Although the generation of mechanical stress in the anode material is suggested as a possible reason for electrode degradation and fading of storage capacity ...

Realization of flat band with possible nontrivial topology in electronic Kagome lattice  Science Advances

The energy dispersion of fermions or bosons vanishes in momentum space if destructive quantum interference occurs in a frustrated Kagome lattice with only ...

Three-level spaser for next-generation luminescent nanoprobe  Science Advances

The development of modern biological and medical science highly depends on advanced luminescent probes. Current probes typically have wide emission ...

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