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Spring Grove, PA

Spring Training 2018: Identifying Fool's Gold Among Breakout Stars  Bleacher Report

Spring training is the best because it marks the annual return of Major League Baseball. And yet, it is also the worst because you never know which players to ...

A list of pro athletes, college football coaches who are going to make less money than Kyler Murray in 2018  Dallas News

Kyler Murray won't be the highest-paid Sooner in 2018, but the former Allen quarterback will be making more money than several big names in the...

Pa. toughens animal cruelty, neglect laws  York Dispatch

The law would establish grades of violations up to a felony for intentionally torturing an animal or for neglect or abuse that causes it severe injury or death.

Moody's Publishes Revised Methodology for Post-Default State Aid Intercept Programs and Financings (press release)

NOTE: On August 05, 2013, the press release was revised as follows: The number of affected entities and ratings corrected to 724 from 723 and the number of ...

Emerald Wars: Colombia's Multiple Conflicts Won't End With the FARC Agreement  smallwarsjournal

As past demobilization efforts show, significant segments of non-state armed actors who are supposed to disarm simply move on from ideologically inspired ...

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